Hey planner friends!  Have you ever wondered exactly what items and tools you need in your planner pouch?  If you're a decorative planner or journaling babe, then there are few items that are essential for every deco session.  I am sharing my 5 essential tools that are always in my planner pouch.  Actually, I have multiples of all of these items so that I have them in multiple pouches.  That's how seriously essential these items are for me. 😊  I'm so excited to share these items with you because I use these when I decorate nearly every spread.  Oh, and heads up, these links are affiliate links, which means if you grab something through them, you'll be supporting my planner addiction - thank you in advance!  So, let's dive into my absolute must-haves for creating planner magic!

Sharpie S-Gel Pens

  • Link: Sharpie S-Gel Pens
  • Why They're An Essential:  These pens are my ride-or-die!  Seriously, they come in different sizes and colors.  They are perfect for adding extra details or to write in dates for undated planners.  The Sharpie S-Gel Pens are like butter - smooth, bold, and extremely satisfying to write with. I love to keep a few of these with me all of the time to write my actual plans in my planner as well.  I always have one in my purse too. 😉

Sakura Gelly Roll Classic 10 White Gel Pen

  • Link:  Sakura Gelly Roll Classic 10 White Gel Pen
  • Why They're An Essential: Let me tell you about my secret weapon: the Sakura Gelly Roll White Gel Pen.  The white gel ink is the perfect color to hide thin lines that you want to put stickers over.  I also use these when I need to correct a mistake on white paper too.  A pro tip for corrections, is to wait a few minutes and be sure that the ink that you are writing over has completely dried before hiding your mistakes.  Another plus to this pen is that you are able to write on color paper with a really smooth finish.  I have tried many other white gel pens, and the size 10 Sakura Gelly Roll is my favorite.  It's the smoothest and brightest white. 

Tombow MONO Permanent Adhesive Applicator

  • Link:  Tombow MONO Permanent Adhesive Applicator
  • Why They're An Essential:  The Tombow MONO Permanent Adhesive Applicator is an absolute game-changer for all paper crafters.  I use it to stick down photos, stickers, and all sorts of fun embellishments in my planner.  It's quick, easy, mess-free and extremely precise. You use it just like correction tape, but a double-sided tape comes out that you can roll in the exact spots that you need it without having to wait for anything to dry. 

Fiskars Craft Knife

  • Link:  Fiskars Craft Knife
  • Why They're An Essential: When it comes to precision cutting and crafting, nothing beats my trusty Fiskars Craft Knife.  To be honest, any craft knife will do, but I have had experiences where the blade on other knives were not made with a proper straight blade.  These are great for cutting stickers around boxes and getting precise cuts on stickers or photos and trimming washi tape.  Be careful because it is sharp, but it comes with a top so that you're safe when you are digging in your bag and it so that it doesn't poke holes in the bag.

Small Pair of Travel Scissors

  • Link: Folding Scissors
  • Why They're An Essential:  I linked the exact pair that I use the most because I love the way that they fold, but any small pair will do. The small size is not only great because it fits in many small cases, but smaller scissors are better than larger ones for cutting tiny details out. I also prefer to use scissors (instead of a craft knife) to cut stickers that hand off the page. I use these scissors along with the Tombow adhesive when I am decorating with designs that I have downloaded. As a matter of fact, while you're here you should check out my digital download

Tombow MONO Correction Applicator

  • Link: Tombow MONO Correction Applicator
  • Why They're An Essential: I use the Tombow MONO Correction Applicator when I want to "erase" a larger area on the page than just a line or correct a mispelling.  I specifically like this correction applicator because of how smooth the application is, and the color of the correction tape mataches most planner paper colors.  It doesn't scrape up easily when you need to do applications that touch each other either (which doesn't seem like a big deal until it is).

So there you have it, folks - my absolute planner essentials that I reach for every time I sit down to decorate my planner pages.  These tools are like my planner sidekicks.  I can't even have a relaxing decorating session if I don't have these tools readily at my fingertips.  Comment below if you have any toosl in your pouch that I did not mention here.

And hey, if you decide to grab something through one of these affiliate links, just know that you'll be helping fuel my planner addiction - so thank you from the bottom of my planner-loving heart!  Happy planning, friends!